The goal was to create a ‘beachy feel’ haven for this original Californian bungalow, which had beautiful high ceilings and great potential due to its proximity to the beach. A haven somewhere everybody wanted to be; especially the children, when they become teenagers.  Street parking had always been the ‘norm’, so onsite parking (an afterthought to the design) would be wonderful.

The family sought  3 bedrooms, a family bathroom, ensuite, laundry and functional kitchen with open plan living leading out onto the rear yard. The dream was for the home to be light and bright with cross ventilation to make the most of the location.

Sally Gardener Design and Draft

When we met Matt at MJK Building, our design plans had been approved by council, but they were still pretty vague and basic in design, plus we were a tricky dual occupancy, non- traditional building site and novice renovators to boot. I am surprised he didn’t run a mile…….READ MORE

Fiona and Ben Goodland