An open, light-filled living at the back, high ceiling to the family room, with a nice spot to read upstairs. A need for functional storage and ability to close off the open living area with sliding/retractable doors to contain heat in winter and block out noise. A statement entrance was a must.

Archisoul, Manly

Thank-you for the great job on building our second storey and entirely remodeling our downstairs! We really appreciated your skills and your opinion on so many facets of the project. This enabled us to make decisions along the way with cost knowledge and economize where feasible as well. Your craftsmanship and speed of working was amazing. We love the stairs, the fireplace mantle and our office desktop (and more ) which you built with ease… And helped us save at the same time.  I also really valued your personal communication – no problem was too big and no detail was too small to discuss  – you had ideas and found solutions to everything and kept us informed – simply great to work with!

Linda Thomas